Friday, December 9, 2011

Triple Dog Dare by Jeremy Jones

I recently had the privilege of reviewing Triple Dog Dare, by
Jeremy Jones.  It's a book of devotionals targeting boys 9 - 12
years old via real-life scenarios and activities. Each day is filled
with short Scriptures, concise biblical truth and a daily dare,
all challenging them to put their faith into practice. Scripture
readings from every book of the Bible open up the action-packed
Word of God. Whether it’s drawing comic strips of biblical
battles, dreaming up a life list of goals, making snack packs
for the homeless or producing Bible-based movies, boys will
go on daily dynamic experiences with God, taking faith off the
page and setting it into motion. Themes cover the daily realities
of pre-teen males, including bullying, peer pressure, girls, sibling
rivalry, honesty and more.

My oldest son is 8, but he loves the book and we always have fun
relating each devotional to his life.  Plus, I've noticed that since we
began the book, he's really putting God's word into
home, school, sports, etc.  Gotta love that!  And, I think it will be
an invaluable resource for us as he gets older and faces more and
more trials.  I also look forward to sharing it with Luke in a few years.

About the author:

Jeremy V. Jones is an award-winning journalist who has
served as senior associate editor of Breakaway magazine.
He has authored several books, including Toward the Goal:
The Kaka Story and The Keeper: The Tim Hoard Story. He
also writes for magazines such as Clubhouse and Christianity
Today. He resides with his wife and two children in Colorado.

 I received this book free-of-charge, in exchange for an honest review.
The opinions in this post are my own and were not influenced.
Thank you to the publisher and B&B Media for including me!